Farm visits

Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy

A Tour of the Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy is a unique and fascinating experience. One of the longest running diaries in the area, the Dennis family begins the tour with a discussion of the way things were done in the 1930s. You'll be led through the different stages of milking, including the introduction of machine milking in the 1940s with the introduction of electricity and the current high tech LELY Robotic milking system.

A great experience for young and old and everyone in between!

School kids absolutely love the idea of cows milked by robots. We find they are somewhat surprised by the fact the robots aren't like R2D2 – they are in fact huge! Kids learn so much from a tour of our dairy. We even have Dairy Australia learning resources for the kids.

Why we've gone out on our own

We recently decided to go out on our own to produce, process, bottle and distribute our own milk: Scenic Rim 4Real Milk. Our decision was based partly on the renewal contract we were offered by our Processor, which wouldn't have covered our costs of production. This was only part of the story though...

Our milk will be farm gate fresh: better taste, better for you.

We've always been passionate about dairy and our product, milk. Anyone that has tasted milk straight from a cow will tell you how delicious it is. We wanted more control over our milk – to produce milk that was as close as possible to what we produce on farm; delivered only in the region so we can cut down on processing. Minimal processing means the milk tastes far better, and is better for you.

Where can I buy Scenic Rim 4Real Milk?

Our milk is being stocked by around 75 stores and cafes around South East Queensland. Just wait until you taste a flat white or a latte made with Scenic Rim 4Real Milk!