Up in the air!

The Scenic Rim has opportunities for all kinds of air sports:

Hot air ballooning

What a way to escape and to see the beautiful Scenic Rim mountains, lakes and farmland! Floating Images Hot Air Balloon Flights and Hot Air Balloons Gold Coast can take you flying!


The most spectacular way to view the Scenic Rim is soaring above it in a glider (sail plane). Begin this experience by being towed behind a light aircraft until you release in a column of rising air (thermal). Fly towards the clouds, cruise over the surrounding dams, mountains and farmland. You can sit back and enjoy the view, or take an active role flying the glider under the expert guidance of your qualified instructor. The exhilaration of flying alongside wedge tailed eagles, combined with the serenity of silent flight will be an experience you will always remember. You can book online with the Boonah Gliding Club.

Hang gliding

There are some great places to take off from in the Scenic Rim - Tamborine Mountain is one. If you'd just like to watch or photograph hang gliders, there's an event hosted by the Canungra Hotel in October (22-29) - the Canungra Hang Gliding Classic. About 85 of the world's best male and female hang gliders will gather for the classic and flying will take place from Tamborine Mountain or Beechmont, depending on the weather.