Kayaking and canoeing

The Scenic Rim is THE place for canoeing and kayaking, as there are three lakes in the region.

Wyaralong Dam has recently been confirmed as motor-boat free (only electric boats allowed), so it's the safest waterway for family expeditions. There are two entry points at the moment, but more are planned. Wyaralong is also intended to be the rowing centre for SE Queensland.

Lakes Maroon and Moogerah, further to the south, are picturesque lakes surrounded by mountains. Although water-skiing and power boats use these waterways, there are sections closed off from power boats for kayaks, canoes and rowing boats.

Kayaks can be hired on the southern side of Lake Maroon, along Burnett Creek Road.

The Broken Paddle Canoe Club, based in Boonah, is an active club which holds early morning paddles in all of the lakes. It is also active in water polo, where members are trained in the Boonah State High School pool.