Ben Guha

benworking2Ben Guha is an artist - a woodturner who is well-known for his delicate and lace-like vessels. Ben works exclusively with jacaranda timber, as it is suitable for turning very finely. After turning the shape, Ben works on it with a dentist's drill to create the lace-like effect. He then uses a variety of methods to decorate the item: airbrushing, pyrography, painting and sometimes gilding.

butterflybowl1Ben is a great defender of animals, and he expresses this love through the fine paintings of birds and other creatures on his items.

plate1jewelbox1He also makes jewellery boxes with fine inlays, and has recently used precious stones in the inlays. Gold leaf is also used. It's not unusual for Ben to spend 40 hours on a single work.

bowl1Ben has had a most interesting life He was born in Jamshedpur (Tata Nagar), India, and studied engineering at the University of Calcutta. He met his wife while working in Germany. Much of his working life was in the United States, where he worked for Telco.

highbowlNow 80, Ben lives and works at Waterford, where he creates his unique works.

plate2Our Lyrebird Gallery features Ben's work, which is highly sought after. Come along and be impressed!liddedbox1