Wayne's World of Wood

Interesting combinations of wood are a feature of Wayne Johnson’s work. His cheeseboards are geometric works of art!

Wayne was born in Beaudesert in 1981, and grew up on a dairy farm, where he learned to use all sorts of equipment. He became interested in wood when he started grade 8 at Beaudesert High School, and he would have liked to study fine furniture making. Nothing was available at the time however, so he became a boilermaker.

That didn’t hold Wayne back from his woodwork though, as he and his dad Jimmy began making wood items, both large and small. They invested in a Lucas mill, and for their own use, they only mill dead trees. With the mill, they can cut the timber into the sizes they want. Wayne uses the mill on his own now, and will mill logs on site for other people’s requirements. He has a circular swing-blade mill as well as a dedicated slabbing mill.As he works in the mines all over Australia on a fly-in, fly-out basis though, he is not always available.

We have turned platters, breadboards and cheeseboards in our Lyrebird Gallery just now, and they make lovely gifts. They sell very quickly though, so come along have and be tempted!