Rhelma's Oil Paintings


Rhelma Kenny (nee O'Reilly) is has been painting with oils for about 40 years. She recalls that it all started with trying to capture the memories of the mountains she grew up with in Lamington National Park. She had already spent about 10 years sketching and doing watercolour painting in all sorts of locations from the outback to the beach. Rhelma was "never quite satisfied" with watercolours and found the "effect too soft". Rhelma recalls: "one day while visiting with my mother Viola (who had taken up a bit of oil painting after her husband, Bernard O'Reilly, had passed away) "she handed me the oil paints and said 'here have a go with these'... and I painted a small picture from my imagination and I was ... [was hooked] ... the oils allowed me to capture the drama and the power of my subjects, and the all-important light".

Rhelma 2016

Rhelma Beaudesert Show 2018


At the moment Rhelma Kenny (nee O'Reilly) has only one of her oil paintings for sale in the Lyrebird Gallery. It is of Pat's Bluff and the view into the Kerry Valley from the top of Raining Cliff waterfall on the Luke O'Reilly Farm, O'Reilly's Lamington National Park. 

Why not take a look at all the paintings in the Lyrebird Gallery when next visiting the Beaudesert Arts and Information Centre!