Stuart Hall

Stuart has been interested in art since early childhood, drawing and painting whenever he could. His parents recognized his interest and enrolled him in children's art classes at the Central Technical College which he attended for a number of years on a Saturday morning.

Whilst still in primary school, Stuart entered the Courier-Mail's annual children's art competition. His entry received a high commendation and was placed on show in Brisbane. It then toured Queensland regional country areas with the other award-winning entries.

Subsequent to finishing his secondary education, Stuart went on to study and practise architecture, following three generations of architects in the family. In the first year at college he topped the state with honours in freehand drawing and in subsequent years placed highly in design, which relies heavily on presentation and drawing skills. During the following 50 years in his chosen profession, Stuart was limited in the time that he could devote to his interest in art and was only able to complete a painting every three to five years on average, with up to ten years between some of them.

Stuart has recently retired from architecture and is now able to devote more of his time to the art he has always enjoyed.


Watercolour has always been Stuart's chosen medium, but he has also worked to a lesser extent in pencil, charcoal and oils. He is now venturing into acrylic and pastel mediums.

Stuart endeavors to capture the translucency, colour and tones seen in the world around him, and express them in his paintings. He finds the watercolour medium ideal, due to its transparency and ability to produce the beautiful graduated tones and colours he sees throughout all subjects. He feels that if he has not captured the light, colours and atmosphere and mood of the subject, then he has failed.

His favourite subjects are landscape, seascape, streetscape, portraiture and animal and bird portrayal.

Stuart paints primarily in a traditional, realistic style, attempting to convey what he sees in the subject and adding his own interpretation to it.

Some of Stuart's paintings are for sale in our Lyrebird Gallery.