Shirley Bradshaw

Shirley's first painting, at the age of six, was with glue and food colourants! She began painting seriously when she completed an introductory art course in 1989. She remembers this as a year of wonderful teachers and of the opening of her mind. She feels blessed to have been taught by Donald Waters, a well-known Australian artist and teacher.

Shirley describes her art in this way:

"Painting is for me a release, an adventure, wondering at the time how this painting will turn out. I never plan a piece; I am an abstract expressionist artist, loving the surreal and the mysterious. I am perhaps an eclectic artist, as no two paintings look alike. I have moved from sombre blues to bright oranges and reds, and am now leaning towards restful neutrals. I have come to terms with my life and my art is my journeying friend. It reflects my stages of becoming me."

Shirley became involved with the Beaudesert Arts and Information Centre twenty years ago, when she lived at Cedar Grove. She feels honoured to have become a life-long member, and has made many friends. She has wonderful memories of her times at the Centre.

Having no favoured subject, Shirley just gets into it and paints. There is a wonderful freedom in her brushwork, which is seen particularly in the crop at the top of this page. The full painting is the last one on the page.

Encouragement from family and friends has been Shirley's "light to keep going" with her art and her life in general. Shirley's work is for sale in our Lyrebird Gallery.