Leona Fraser

Leona was a late starter in art. She began to experiment with graphite in 2002, but became frustrated with her lack of progress with drawing. Her art teacher had a watercolour painting on the wall which fascinated her. Trying watercolour for the first time, Leona was hooked. This was definitely her medium, and she embarked on a wonderful journey.

Her subjects are varied, from faces to flowers and everything in between, but landscapes and flowers are her favourites.

Leona has always been involved in some form of art. Quilting and photography are her other interests, and she has always been involved in some form of craft. Her ability to see things with an artist's eye has developed and sharpened her view of the world around her. She sees "stuff everywhere for the artist to paint and photograph".

Leona works quickly, and this results in a lovely spontaneity. Her paintings are available unframed in the Lyrebird Gallery.